Episode 26: I Wish I Knew: Systems and Workflow Don’t Have to be Overwhelming – Melissa Rich

systems and workflow don't have to be overwhelming

A well-designed workflow – driven by great systems – is a major part of what will enable sustainable success for a photography business. But many photographers get stuck in overwhelm as they consider what it will even take to set up great systems for their business – and never implement them! Join us for an important discussion with Melissa Rich as she shares key principles for minimizing the stress of implementing an effective workflow in a new photography business!

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Show Notes:

Melissa’s Introduction (3:33)

Why do photographers tend to work 60-70 hours per week? (5:50)

What did Melissa’s business look like pre-systems? (7:46)

Definition of systems (8:56)

5 strategies for implementing systems into your business (12:25)
1. Break your client lifecycle into phases
2. Use a visual cue
3. Work with what you already have to develop systems – start small
4. Use simple systems
5. Keep systems realistic for you and your workload


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