Episode 31: How to Get the Next Thing Done – Shaun Austin Gordon

How to get the next thing done

It’s easy to consume content – books, podcasts, webinars and workshops, YouTube videos… But the question is: what are you DOING with that information? Photographer and KISS CEO, Shaun Austin Gordon joins us to chat about how to actually apply what we learn so that we can get things done in business and life!

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Show Notes:

Introduction to the Noobie conference (1:37)

Shaun’s introduction (4:33)

Why do we tend to take information, but never do anything with it? (7:00)

What is the balance of information learning all we can with focusing on what’s most important? (9:26)

What advice does Shaun have for photographers who struggle with determining what to focus on for business growth or in life? (16:57)

How do we take all of the information we have learned and move forward with implementation? (23:45)

Why is setting a timeframe for accomplishing tasks/goals important? (28:37)


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