Episode 16: I Wish I Knew: Friends and Family Aren’t the Path to Success – Hollery Morris

I Wish I Knew: Friends and Family Aren't the Path to Success

Have you just launched your photography business and found yourself relying on friends and family for its growth and success? Are you frustrated that they aren’t choosing you as their photographer when the need comes along or that they may not be garnering the attention that you had hoped for?

In Episode 16 of The Noobie Podcast, Hollery Morris offers practical advice on things you can do to move away from relying on family and friends for the success of your business. Tune in as we chat about managing your expectations when it comes to the behavior of those closest to us and understanding who your target market is, so that you can provide an experience that is specific to them.

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Show Notes

Hollery’s introduction (1:07)

Hollery’s photography business background (1:20)

What got Hollery into the underwater maternity niche? (2:11)

What is one principle that Hollery wishes she would have known when starting her photography business? (3:31)

When did Hollery realize that she needed to step back from relying on family and friends for the growth and success of her business? (5:03)

3 Ways to Move Away From Relying on Friends and Family (7:03)

  1. Don’t expect them to use you as their photographer
  2. Don’t expect them to refer you to others
  3. Don’t expect them to be your target market

Making the distinction between your target market and family and friends (12:35)



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