Episode 27: I’d Like to Know: How to Juggle Family Life and Running a Business (Part 2) – Meredith Detchantala

juggle family life and running a business part 2

In part 1 of the conversation with photographer Meredith Detchantala (episode 25), we talked about some of the most important principles behind juggling family and business life. In today’s part 2 of the discussion, we’ll talk about some key tools that will help streamline workflow once those principles are put in place.

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Show Notes:

How to approach selecting tools to use in your business (5:52)

Recommendations for tools to use:

Accounting (4:20) – quickbooks.com, expensify.com

Website (16:53) – squarespace.com , flothemes.com , showit.co

CRM (27:00) – getsproutstudio.com

Email (31:15) – getsproutstudio.com

Contracts (33:23) – thelegalpaige.com

Education (37:45)

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