Episode 17: I Wish I Knew: I’m Not My Target Client – John Mansfield

I Wish I Knew: I'm Not My Target Client

Are you struggling to attract your target client? Do you feel like you’re screaming into the void, trying to book anyone and everyone that needs a photographer?

In Episode 17 of The Noobie Podcast, John Mansfield discusses his journey toward realizing that he is not his target client and that the clients he now serves in his business have different needs, desires, and pain points. Tune in as we chat about ways that you can shift your mindset by creating a mental picture of your target client, changing the portfolio that you’re sharing, changing the way you manage a session or wedding, and more!

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Show Notes

John’s introduction (1:07)

John’s photography business background (2:09)

What is one concept that John wishes he would have known when starting his photography business? (4:45)

What is a target client? (5:25)

What was the turning point where John realized he was not his target client? (6:48)

5 Ways to Shift Away from the Mindset that You are Your Target Client (10:16)

  1. Create a mental picture of your target client 
  2. Change the style of conversation for the sake of your target client
  3. Change the portfolio that you’re sharing to speak to your target client
  4. Change the way that you’re managing expectations for your target client
  5. Change the way a manage a session or wedding

What does it look like to share an image that speaks to the needs, desires, or pain points of a target client? (14:09)


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