Episode 22: I’d Like to Know: SEO and Lead Generation – Liv Farnsworth

SEO and Lead Generation

SEO for the sake of lead generation is such a loaded topic that it can be overwhelming to even begin to consider! Listen in to episode 22 with new photographer Liv Farnsworth as we chat with SEO specialist Feuza Reis about the first steps to setting up a photography business for SEO success!

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Show Notes:

Liv’s Introduction  (1:47)

Liv’s struggle with SEO and Lead Generation (3:36)

Introduction of SEO expert Feuza Reis (5:20)

Explanation of what SEO actually is (5:54)

Analysis of Liv’s website for SEO (7:45)

Tips for finding keywords customers are using when searching for photographers (14:37)

Best tool for scanning your website for SEO (30:00)


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