Episode 2: I Wish I Knew: Smart Financial Planning – Bobbi Brinkman

I Wish I Knew: Smart Financial Planning

If you’ve just started your photography business, the topic of money may be swirling around in your mind. What do I do when I receive a payment? How do taxes work? How do I plan for the future?

In Episode 2 of The Noobie Podcast, we’re joined by guest Bobbi Brinkman. With over 40 years of experience in the photography industry, Bobbi is a wealth of knowledge – sharing both the wonderful things that she has accomplished as well as the things she wishes she would have known when it comes to finances. Tune in as we discuss what smart financial planning is and who the most important people are when it comes to creating connections! 

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Show Notes

Bobbi’s introduction (0:49)

What the big idea that Bobbi wishes she would have known when she started (2:29)

Who are the most important people to connect with? (6:28)

The distinction between profit and revenue (8:40)

Recommendations (13:17)


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