Episode 14: I Wish I Knew: It’s Good to Be Uncomfortable – Brittany Ford

Do you find that you’re hesitant to go into situations that feel uncomfortable, leading to slow growth in your business? Does facing fear and discomfort seem daunting?

In Episode 14 of The Noobie Podcast, Brittany Ford dives into ways that photographers can learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Tune in as we chat about what it looks like to step into uncomfortable situations and environments and navigate them well. Whether it’s learning to go with the flow, charging what you’re worth, or investing in your business, there are so many avenues you can take that will offer opportunities for growth!

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Show Notes

Brittany’s introduction (1:16)

Brittany’s photography business background (1:47)

What is one concept Brittany wishes she knew when starting her photography business? (3:17)

How does Brittany define an “uncomfortable situation”? (4:31)

6 Ways to Put Yourself in Uncomfortable Situations (6:26)
1. Learn off camera flash
2. Learn to go with the flow
3. Learn to put yourself out there
4. Learn how to charge what you’re worth
5. Learn to invest in your business
6. Learn to be assertive

What is one way to face learning off camera flash? (7:55)

How can you learn to go with the flow more effectively? (9:45)

How did Brittany learn to be comfortable with being more assertive? (16:06)



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