Episode 28: I Wish I Knew: ONLY Focus on 2-3 Marketing Efforts – Rachael Crowe

only focus on 2 to 3 marketing efforts

It’s easy to get overwhelmed trying to do ALL the things when we first start our photography business, but is that really the best approach? Photographer Rachael Crowe has a different suggestion – especially when it comes to digital marketing. Listen in to hear her suggestions for simplifying marketing efforts for your new business!

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Show Notes:

Rachael’s Introduction (1:32)

What big idea does Rachael wish she knew when she started her photography business? (2:06)

On which avenues does Rachael focus her marketing efforts? (4:15)
1. Instagram
2. Website (SEO)

How much time does it take Rachael to manage her Instagram marketing efforts? (6:35)

Rachael’s biggest tip for how to approach marketing on Instagram (9:35)

Rachael’s tips for managing SEO/Website content creation (12:15)

Recommendations for delegating blogging/content creation (15:20)

How did Rachael decide which platforms to focus on for marketing her business? (17:20)


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