Episode 29: I Wish I Knew: The Importance of Strong Messaging – Freda Funnye

The importance of strong messaging

Honest conversation? It’s relatively easy to capture a good photograph with today’s technology. Being able to take a pretty photo no longer differentiates you as a photographer, nor does it automatically help you book more clients. Listen in as Freda Funnye shares about the one thing that will differentiate you: clear and relevant messaging.

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Show Notes:

Freda’s Introduction (1:45)

What did Freda wish she’d known when starting her photography business? (3:42)

At what point did Freda realize the need for clear messaging? (6:55)

3 ways to implement clear messaging for brand development (11:03)
1. Speak to the problem that you are solving – what is your why?
2. Familiarize yourself with your messaging so that it is easy to share
3. Keep messaging consistent across all platforms – website/social media/etc.


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