Episode 40: An Introduction to Elopement Photography – McKenzie Bigliazzi

Introduction to Elopement Photography

Elopement photography has exploded in the last few years, and photographer McKenzie Bigliazzi has been at the center of that movement! Listen in to this episode to hear McKenzie’s advice on how to get a strong start as an elopement photographer this season!

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Show Notes:

McKenzie’s Introduction (2:52)

What led to McKenzie’s desire to help the “non-traditional” wedding couples? (4:25)

How does McKenzie draw her ideal couple in? (5:13)

How does elopement photography compare to traditional photography? (6:10)

What principles drive a successful elopement photography business? (7:57)
1. Be client-focused
2. Honesty about what you’re capable of providing
3. Stay organized
4. Stay open-minded
5. Practice your craft


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