Episode 33: I Wish I Knew: How to Pick a Direction and Start – David Molnar

How to pick a direction and start

Do you struggle with trying to figure out where to begin when considering all that goes into running a successful photography business? Sometimes you’ve just gotta jump, and build your wings on the way down. Learn how to do so intelligently by listening in to episode 33 with photographer, David Molnar!

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Show Notes:

What big idea or principle does David wish he knew when he started in photography? (1:58)

What was David’s first step in moving in the direction he felt called to focus on? (8:51)

How does David recommend that photographers do to determine the direction they should take and start taking action? (12:55)

What is the balance of making decisions pragmatically vs. artistically/emotionally? (16:40)

David’s book, Learning to See:

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