Episode 30: How to Pose Clients, Comfortably – Tomas Flint

how to pose clients comfortably

It’s one thing to be able to pose clients by the book – but it’s another thing to help clients feel comfortable in the process, resulting in more genuine, beautiful portraits. Tomas Flint is here to teach us how to create a relaxed environment for your clients for the sake of even more impactful imagery!

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Show Notes:

What is the big difference between posing clients “by the book” vs finding how to pose clients for connection? (5:56)

What drives Tomas’s true nature of deeply engaging with others? (9:40)

What can “shy” people do to step beyond their feelings of discomfort when engaging with others? (14:22)

What key principles can photographers implement to help clients feel more comfortable in front of the camera? (23:10)
1. Don’t treat clients as objects
2. Start with the feet when helping clients with posing
3. Maintain confidence and encouragement with clients even if the session isn’t going well
4. Start with a little space between you and your clients, and move closer as you build confidence
5. Understand focal lengths so you can shoot at different distances
6. Remember that you are just as much a part of the photograph as the client is


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