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Episode 20: I Wish I Knew: It’s Not So Scary to Be Different – Dorie Howell

It's not so scary to be different

It’s so easy to just follow what everyone else is doing. It’s comfortable, predictable, and when already dealing with the uncertainty of starting a new business – one less point of stress. But what if there was a way to take a different path than most without succumbing to the associated fear? Listen in to episode 20 with Dorie Howell for tips and strategies for trying something new – and being different!

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Show Notes:

Dorie’s Introduction (1:43)

What was the turning point when Dorie realized that it’s ok to be different? (5:15)

Three tools Dorie uses when trying something new (8:10)
1. Surrender to the idea that fear is normal and lean into it
2. Preparation and practice are key to making something new “work”
3. Reflect on how things can be better the next time

How did Dorie learn to be ok with fear when trying something new? (13:03)

Dorie’s strategy for reflection (15:48)


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