Episode 19: I Wish I Knew: There’s No Right Way to Run a Business – Kate Hejde

There's No Right Way to Run a Business

“The beauty of being self-employed is making your own rules and creating a business that fits your life and brings you joy.” (Kate Hejde, Noobie Podcast Episode 19)

In Episode 19 of The Noobie Podcast, Kate Hejde joins us to share why chasing what everyone else is doing does not work when trying to create YOUR business. Listen in to hear how Kate realized that by identifying values for herself and her business she was able to build a photography brand that worked for her.

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Show Notes:
Kate’s introduction (1:25)

What is one principle that Kate wishes she would have known when starting her photography business? (3:50)

How can we learn from others without copying them? (6:27)

How Kate determined what worked for her business and what didn’t (10:42)
1. Identified the values that were driving her business
2. Experimented with new strategies and offerings for clients

Kate’s recommendation to new photographers on how to identify values for yourself and your business (13:10)

How can a photographer determine what clients want vs. what the photographer “feels” is best? (16:30)


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