Episode 15: I Wish I Knew: The Value of Relationships – Ashley Freehan

Are you feeling isolated? Do you lack the support you need to grow your business, while also desiring to add value to the lives and businesses of those around you? Have you been struggling to create genuine connections and relationships with others in your community?

In Episode 15 of The Noobie Podcast, Ashley Freehan shares her journey toward creating and cultivating deep relationships with others in the photography industry. Tune in as we chat about ways that you can apply the value that building relationships can bring to your business, including being open to connection with other photographers, getting connected with local complimentary vendors, and more!

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Show Notes

Ashley’s introduction (1:07)

Ashley’s photography business background (1:32)

What is one principle Ashley wishes she knew when starting her business? (3:19)

Has Ashley noticed a lack of in-person connection in her local marketplace? (5:02)

Does Ashley consider herself an introvert? (6:04)

What are Ashley’s thoughts on adapting our tendencies as needed? (8:24)

When did Ashley realize that she needed to leverage actively developing relationships? (9:40)

4 ways to apply the value of relationships to business (11:09)

  1. Be open to connection with other photographers
  2. Get connected with local complimentary vendors
  3. Go deeper with the connections
  4. Look for or create your own in-person connections

How does Ashley approach a vendor with the goal of adding value to the relationship? (15:08)


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