Episode 24: I Wish I Knew: How to Streamline Email Workflow – Danielle Blewitt

How to streamline email workflow

Building a business is overwhelming enough without having to deal with mountains of email communication with potential clients and existing clients. But what if you could streamline email management so that you’re only spending a fraction of the time in your inbox each week? Tune in to this episode with photographer Danielle Blewitt to learn how!

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Show Notes:

Danielle’s Introduction (2:07)

What does Danielle wish she’d known when starting her business? (4:00)

What was the turning point when Danielle realized that she needed to streamline workflow? (5:30)

4 steps to setting up workflows for client communication (8:55)
1. Map out your client workflow
2. Draft detailed emails for each touchpoint in your workflow
3. Implement the email workflow
4. Set up templates for texts and other forms of communication as well



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