Episode 12: I Wish I Knew: How to Share Photos – Morgan Taylor

If you recently started your photography business, you may be considering the best way to share images with your clients. Do you send an email with attachments? A Dropbox link? An online gallery?

In Episode 12 of The Noobie Podcast, Morgan Taylor shares his journey through image sharing, from burned discs and thumb drives to Dropbox and online galleries. Image sharing has certainly come a long way in the last decade and there are many different ways to go about it! Tune in as we chat about how online galleries offer a way to visually reflect your brand with a wide range of tools built in to help you market yourself and your business!

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Show Notes

Morgan’s introduction (0:48)

Morgan’s photography business background (1:21)

What is one principle Morgan wishes he knew when starting his photography business? (3:13)

What was the turning point when Morgan realized he needed a better solution? (4:24)

How has Pixieset made a difference in the image delivery process? (6:21)
1. Visual reflection of your brand
2. Tools built into the system that allow you to market your brand more effectively
3. Redundancy



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