Episode 4: I Wish I Knew: The Importance of Setting My Own Prices – Taylor Fisher

I Wish I Knew: The Importance of Setting My Own Prices

The topic of setting prices has been greatly talked about in the photography industry, but are you still struggling with knowing what pricing structure is best for you? Do you fear undercharging or overcharging your clients? Are you choosing figures based on the photographers in your community?

In Episode 4 of The Noobie Podcast, Taylor Fisher dives into the topic of price setting and all the fears and hesitations that come with determining what to charge clients. Tune in as we discuss how to approach the pricing conversation, knowing your niche market, and understanding that you are allowed to make mistakes as you grow!

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Show Notes

Taylor’s introduction (0:50)

Taylor’s photography business background (1:31)

What is the significance of setting our own prices? (2:43)

How long did it take Taylor to feel comfortable setting prices that she wanted to set? (4:07)

5 Steps to Approach the Pricing Conversation (7:20)
1. Trial and error
2. Don’t price based on a formula
3. Know your niche market
4. Working for free is a choice, not a necessity

Is there significance to having a formula or process? (12:11)


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