Episode 10: I Wish I Knew: How to Get Out of Auto Mode – Kellee Clarke

Have you purchased your first camera and found yourself reliant on the automatic settings? Are you wanting to make the switch to manual, so that you’re fully in control of the images that you create? 

In Episode 10 of The Noobie Podcast, Kellee Clarke shares the journey she made from her default use of the automatic camera settings to taking the steps to learn how to shoot manually. Tune in as we chat about how you can use the auto camera settings as a starting point, how educating yourself plays a huge role in your comfort levels, and how, at the end of the day, you just have to go for it!

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Show Notes

Kellee’s introduction (0:55)

Kellee’s photography business background (1:36)

How long has Kellee been a photographer? (3:46)

What is the concept Kellee wishes she would have known when starting her photography business? (5:04)

3 Steps to Get Out of Auto Mode (7:33)
1. Use automatic settings as a reference when beginning to learn manual settings
2. Education
3. Throw yourself in and start shooting

Does Kellee recommend adding white balance as a setting to consider manipulating when shooting manually? (10:53)

Are there specific resources Kellee would recommend to develop your knowledge base? (12:57)


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