Episode 1: I Wish I Knew: How to Outwork Doubt – Helene Boudreau

Have you picked up a camera and started shooting here and there for fun? Now that people are taking notice, have you decided to start a business, but are unsure of how it all will work or if you’d even be good at it? Has the doubt and fear started settling in?

In Episode 1 of The Noobie Podcast, Helene Boudreau walks through three ways to “outwork doubt,” so that you can build the confidence to achieve what you set out to accomplish. It may not be perfect in the beginning, but taking messy action is the first step. Tune in as we chat about what this looks like and how you can implement this advice into your own business!

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Show Notes

Helene’s introduction (1:10)

Helene’s photography background (2:16)

What is the big idea that Helene wishes she would have known when she started? (6:37)

When did Helene put the practice of “outworking doubt” into her business? (9:14)

3 Ways to Implement How to Outwork Doubt in Your Business (11:15)
1. Research 70%, jump in with 30%
2. Shoot as much as you can, as quickly as you can
3. Getting reviews and client experience

How did Helene go about getting as many sessions as possible in the shortest amount of time? (13:15)

Was Helene charging for her mini sessions? (13:55)

How did Helene go about getting client reviews? (15:24)


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