Episode 36: I Wish I Knew: Mini Sessions Can Grow My Family Portrait Business – Danielle Blewitt

Mini Sessions

Are you looking for ways to grow your photography business without having to work many additional hours each month? Danielle Blewitt is here to share how offering mini sessions can not only add to your client list, but significantly grow your business overall – without having to sacrifice your coveted time!

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Show Notes:

What is the big idea that Danielle wishes she’d known when she started her family photography business? (1:57)

Danielle’s Introduction (4:28)

What was the turning point in Danielle’s business where she recognized the need for mini sessions? (5:34)

How can photographers implement mini sessions in their businesses? (12:42)
1. Market, market, market!!
2. Don’t “skimp” on the client experience
3. Have a detailed plan/schedule for the actual day
4. Learn to outsource and create systems to manage the workload


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